About us.

Warsaw Foods is a boutique photography studio located in Żoliborz, Warsaw.
Specialised in creation, photo, video and food styling.
Dedicated for clients from the food & lifestyle sector.
We work with the largest agencies as well as with individual clients in Poland and abroad.

What do we do?

 Commercial & product photography. 
 Food, beverage, still life photography.
 Lifestyle & editorial photography. 
 Food styling.
 Set design. 
 Table top videos.
 Short videos, GIFs , stop motion & animations.

Check our portfolio.

And how we do it.

We focus on the best understanding of our clients needs and preferences.
We participate in or take over the creation process.
select the appropriate visual mood.
create photos, videos and complement them with a pro food styling.
All this, combined with an efficient production process, ensures the best effect
- the recipients of our work stay hungry all the time;)

On top of that, we work as an efficient team who knows each other well and are able to work under pressure. 

We rarely outsource workforce because our team consist of people with 

abilities to create both photo or video productions in house

This way we can save your time and money. 

...and why everything looks sooo delicious?

Because of our lead food stylist
Maja Salamon. 
She's a co-founder of Warsaw Foods and a culinary freak.
Responsible for all those yummy looks you can see in our work.
With a company of her assistant 
Justyna Dragan, passionate food blogger and pastry master they have gained experience in hundreds of photoshoots for our clients as well as on external advertising sets.

Food Styling Portfolio.


Grzegorz Klukowski 

Photographer, DOP, producer.
Co-founder of Warsaw Foods and Warsaw Foods Studio.

Started his photography adventure in 2004.

For over 15 years associated with the photography and advertising market in Poland. Primarily dedicated to fashion & portrait photography, over the years he transformed his interests into food & still life. 

In 2019, together with Maja Salamon, he founded Warsaw Foods and now creates productions for the Food & Lifestyle sector.

Passionate about food, travel, sport climbing and tennis.

Maja Salamon 

Foodstylist, cook, creative soul. 
Co-founder of Warsaw Foods and Warsaw Foods Studio.

She met the world of photography & advertising at the age of 16, when she began her modeling career. She has worked with the best photographers and brands from New York to Paris. However, the most exciting part of this job was travelling and learning about cultures and cuisines from around the world.

For several years now, food has been her lifestyle, passion and a dream job.

A marathon runner, huge fan of tennis and Corgi dogs.

Last but not least... our studio!

It's a space where we work every day, produce photo and video shoots for our clients.
130 m2 located in Żoliborz with additional prop room and an office of 90 m2, right next to it.
The studio is equipped with
two kitchens and countless props such as
original and branded
ceramics, plants or handmade photography backgrounds.

It has an amazing daylight but is also fully equipped with lamps & light equipment.

To see more photos, scroll right or click the link.

1 / 5
Kitchen Scene
Kitchen with exchangeable fronts and a kitchan island 220/100cm.
2 / 5
Free Space to arrange
Free space for photoshoots.
3 / 5
Collection of original and branded ceramics.
4 / 5
Scenography available at Warsaw Foods Studio.
5 / 5
Lighting equipment


For many years of work, at Warsaw Foods, we have gathered people

we trust, we like, who are specialists in their fields.

Grzegorz Klukowski

Owner / Photographer / Producer 

Maja Salamon

Co-Owner / Foodstylist / Prop Designer 

Anna Małkowska

Creative Director

Justyna Dragan

Foodstylist / Confectioner / Photographer

Michał Piątek 

Lighting Master, Equipment 


If You want to see more of our studio, click the link.



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